Your Roof can Make or Break Your Sale

Your roof can make or break your sale. Do you want to sell your home? The key is to think as a homebuyer would do it.

Imagine you are in the market looking to purchase a house. Would you be willing to pay a lot of money for the house where you live now?

Nowadays, the majority of homebuyers are Millennials with limited budgets. Thus, they would prefer not to make major investments right after acquiring a new home.

And a roof replacement is at the top of the biggest investments you can make in a house. 

The Roof Can Be The #1 Deal-Breaker

Any potential buyer will check whether your roof has leaks, missing or damaged shingles, or improperly working gutters and drainage. All these factors are concerns for him. 

So, a home inspector will evaluate your roof condition before showing your home to a buyer. After all, buyers may bring their own!

Jessica Richardson, a realtor in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. metro area, says: 

“A faulty roof will certainly be exposed, and it can be a deal-breaker. If left un-repaired, it could also turn into a disclosure issue.”

REALTOR Magazine affirms that a roof is the home element with the greatest remodeling value. Thus, it can bring back to the seller more than 100 percent of the money spent. 

Besides, it is one of the renovations with more buyer appeal and, it is at the top in terms of homeowner satisfaction.

Your Roof can Make or Break Your Sale

3 Things Buyers Will Consider When it Comes to Your Roof

Probable buyers will evaluate the following factors about your roof: 

1. Curb Appeal

Your roof is one of the elements that influence the most your home’s curb appeal. Therefore, you should select carefully your shingles’ colors to create harmony with the rest of your home. 

In this sense, you shouldn’t install red shingles on a red brick house. Complementing colors are favored over a monotone look.

A new roof with dimensional asphalt shingles can give your home the looking needed to make a nice impression from the curb. The good news is that there are many colors and styles available. Therefore, you can find the right asphalt shingle for your home.

Also, double and triple laminate luxury shingles can look like real cedar shakes or slate. They add a prime look that will set your home apart from the competition.

2. Ventilation and Energy Efficiency

A properly vented roof keeps your attic cool, extends your shingles’ life, and makes your home more comfortable. Moreover, proper ventilation also helps to reduce energy costs. This factor is a priority for many buyers due to the energy costs rise.

According to some realtors, buyers are showing more interest in energy-efficient homes. They see energy-efficient upgrades as a point of price negotiation. 

Hence, a properly vented roof system would attract new buyers since many of them give importance to energy efficiency.

3. Warranty

How would you feel if you have to carry out unexpected repairs on a home you just bought?

So, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

Warranties attract homebuyers. So, adding a home warranty may generate interest in buyers about your home. 

When you purchase a new whole roof system, it will come with a warranty. But, most roof warranties only cover the cost of materials. Many homeowners learn that though the hard way.

However, top roofing companies like Roof Crafters of Hammond, and Baton Rouge, LA offer transferrable lifetime warranties, which also cover labor. 

So, think like a buyer. 

How great would it be if you knew you would never have to worry about any part of the roof of your new home?

Getting ready to sell your home?

As you can see, the key is to think like a buyer. That means that a roof replacement should be one of your priorities before selling your home. 

Let us help you to get the best deal for your house. Learn more about Roof Crafters LLC and the Integrity Roof System® today.

If you have questions about how a new roof can affect the sale of your home, call Mississippi Landsource or the roofing experts Roof Crafters today.