The Pros and Cons of Acrylic Bathtubs

The pros and cons of acrylic bathtubs will be discussed here. Acrylic is one of the most popular choices for bathtub material because it is lightweight and affordable. Moreover, it requires less maintenance and available in different colors, shapes, and designs to suit customers’ vast array of needs. Before you think to change your bathroom with an acrylic tub, we want you to know all pros and cons of acrylic tubs.

Acrylic Tub

Acrylic tubs are made up of clear plastic, vacuum-formed, and reinforced with fiberglass layers to increase durability. As the manufacturing process is a bit complicated and expensive, the acrylic tubs cost more money than usual fiberglass tubs. Still, they are more durable than most of the tubs.

Moreover, they come with a flexible base plastic material of acrylic tubs, making it easy to customize the acrylic tub to the size, shape, color and style you prefer. They are a perfect fit for most homeowners, but they might not fit in every situation. The pros and cons listed below will help you determine whether they are the best choice for you or not.

Pros Of Acrylic Bathtub


When it comes to judging the acrylic tubs, affordability is the top-most thing in this section. No doubt, they are expensive than the usual fiberglass bathtubs because of their different manufacturing process, but this is what that makes them affordable too for a longer time. This is the most affordable option you can get currently in the market, and they last for a good amount of time.

Heat Retention

People tend to take longer warm/hot baths, and if your bathtub cannot retain heat, it will start cracking up, and it would eventually leak. However, this is not the case with acrylic bathtubs, as they come with proper heat retention and can allow you to take warm baths for a longer period.

Easy Maintenance

Acrylic bathtubs are easy to maintain and repair as they can be cleaned with normal cleaning materials and methods. They can easily encounter scratches, but these scratches can also be polished perfectly, which will make the bathtubs look just like a new one.


As they come with fiberglass material, this thing makes them very durable, and it can last for years. You do not have to replace it if anything happens; you can repair it as they are easy to maintain and repair.


Acrylic bathtubs are made up of malleable material, which means they can turn into any shape, size, color, or style. You can get your own customized bathtub by giving the manufacturer the design which you want.


Acrylic tubs are lightweight, which makes them easy to be installed and replaced. Moreover, they do not need any kind of extra reinforcements for their installations at any level.

Cons of Acrylic Bathtubs

Surface Staining or Scratching

As acrylic bathtubs are easier to maintain and repair, but they also get scratches very quickly. If the acrylic bathtubs are improperly maintained, there is a hundred percent chance they will get stained and scratched quickly.

More Sensible

Acrylic bathtubs are not one of the fanciest bathtubs that you would find in the market. Although they come in a wide variety of shapes and designs, they cannot meet the needs of a high-end bathtub.

Sensitive to Some Cleaners

While choosing a cleaner for cleaning the acrylic bathtub, always read the instructions and the ingredients present in it. Some cleaners can have an adverse effect on acrylic bathtubs, and they can even cause damage to the stain or scratching.

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