Right on Schedule: How Long Should a Home Improvement Project Take?

Right on Schedule: How Long Should a Home Improvement Project Take?. Would you start a cross-country trip without a map or GPS? Just as you would not travel through unknown paths without a guide, you shouldn’t begin a home remodeling project without a timeline.

Right on Schedule: How Long Should a Home Improvement Project Take?

A home improvement project involves many variables. Thus, proper planning will be the key to get the desired results. 

Why Do You Need a Timeline for your Home Project?

The more time a project takes, the more money the homeowner will spend. Your home project will depend on many factors. So, it can take from a few days to several months. 

In this sense, setting up a realistic timeline is essential to save time and money. 

Next, we’ll show you timeline estimates for some of the most popular home projects:

  • Roof Replacement: 2-3 weeks

Every roofing professional should schedule an in-home consultation to talk about the project. 

The initial consultation will include:

  • Your contractor should show you roofing samples for your selection
  • Discuss financing options
  • Review the warranty conditions
  • Determine the project starting date
  • The contractor has to take measurements

Long Roofing Products employ modern satellite technology to measure precisely your roof. This way, we can determine the right amount of roofing materials and minimize waste.

When roofing materials arrive and the installation starts. This process should include the following steps: 

  • Protect your property
  • Remove old roofing materials
  • Inspect the roof decking and make any necessary repairs
  • Install drip edges
  • Clean up the worksite
  • Final inspection with the homeowner
  • Siding Replacement: 3-4 weeks

As in the previous case, an initial in-home consultation is needed. You should review every project detail with your contractor. A design specialist can help you define the best look for your home’s exterior.

Your contractor will establish a schedule taking into account the following:

  • Inspecting the current siding
  • Your home size
  • Take measurements of your home’s exterior
  • Weather conditions

Once the materials arrive, the installation will take place through the following steps:

  • Proper preparation of the work site
  • Remove the old siding
  • Examine the substrate and replace any rotten wood
  • Add insulation and wrap the entire house in waterproofing material
  • Install flashing in areas where water could seep in
  • The chosen siding materials will go up. The contractor will seal every joint between the siding and trim
  • Window Replacement: 6-8 weeks

Again, the in-person consultation is the first step. Homeowner and contractor should talk about style options, materials, warranties, prices, and installing fees.

The installing process is as follows:

  • Your contractor will measure the dimensions of every window opening
  • Order the custom-measured windows to the manufacturer. It may be the longest stage of the process.
  • The contractor will get any permits required
  • Once the new windows come in, the contractor will remove the existing windows. Then, he will add insulation around the window opening and insert the new windows. 
  • To conclude, he will seal the new window in place by caulking and clean up the worksite.
  • Door replacement: 3 hours-1 day

An exterior door replacement should take less than a day when an experienced contractor performs the job.

Call your expert installer for an in-home consultation. He should give you advice about door styles and features. There is a wide variety of door styles in the market.

The replacement or installation procedure is the following:

  • The contractor should prepare the worksite
  • He will remove and dispose of the old door and frame
  • Preparing the opening for the new door
  • Installing the new door and frame ensuring the door unit is level
  • Add insulation

Considering a home improvement project? Give us a call.

Hiring a professional and experienced contractor that helps you define a realistic timeline for your project is crucial.

By working with the Long Home Products’ experienced technicians, you’ll see your home improvement projects executed on time and under budget.

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