Will Medicare Pay for a Walk-in Shower?

Will medicare pay for a walk-in shower? Mississippi Landsource wants to help educate our senior and aged people with this article, walk-in showers are easy to maintain and manage instead of a tub. They can easily enter and exit the walk-in shower even if they are using a wheelchair. However, bathtubs are tough to handle for the seniors as it gets difficult for them to get in or out of it. So, the main question is, “does Medicare pay for walk-in showers.”

Usually, bathtubs or walk-in showers are not considered durable medical equipment by Medicare. But they can cover the cost of bath remodeling; however, they will not pay for a walk-in shower or bathtub price.

Will Medicare Pay for a Walk-in Shower?

Does Medicare Pay for Walk-in Showers?

There are some ways that Original Medicare can provide you financial assistance to install a walk-in shower for the seniors, but they will not pay directly for the shower. But you will be able to get some assistance with certain questions. 

The kind of assistance under consideration here is reimbursement and not an advance payment for the walk-in showers. You will have to bear the whole cost at the start when you are installing the walk-in shower, and then you can ask for compensation from Original Medicare.

Remember, the remodeling of the bath should be a necessary option, not just extra work; then the Original Medicare will be able to pay for the compensation.

This is why you are required to perform a medical diagnosis of your seniors and present the report to Original Medicare that your senior needs a walk-in shower. Moreover, the show’s brand and other functions can also be mentioned in the form to let them know what you want.

Even under this condition, you will not get paid at the start for the walk-in shower; instead, you will have to manage the initial cost on your own. Once you have paid the full price and started remodeling, you can send the claim black to Original Medicare to ask for compensation.

Always try to contact the right government office for information, and from there, only you can get the right direction.

Does Medicare Advantage cover a walk-in shower?

Medicare Advantage is regulated by Medicare but operated by private insurance companies. If you are thinking of getting financial assistance for the walk-in shower, then this might help you.

However, Medicare Advantage is giving out different health-related benefits to the people, such as reducing the need for emergency care, preventing or treating a disease or injury, making up for physical weaknesses or injuries, and helping the function or psychological effect of physical health issues.

Moreover, the senior member still has to qualify that he needs a shower model, which would be safer for him/her. The benefits of Medicare Advantage vary from state to state, so it is always better to seek the right information from your state’s office.

Alternative Financial Assistance for Walk-In Showers

It can be not easy to cover the walk-in shower cost by Medicare sometimes, but this is not the end of the world. There are different options available for you and your seniors. 

State Assistance Programs

Some of the States offer non-medical assistance programs for older people to help them in modifications of their homes and walk-in showers. However, with time more states are coming under this plan.

USDA Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Grants

The USDA Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Grant are available to older people, low-income residents to help them with different health issues, especially modifying their bathroom. You can get your home modified along with the bathroom while following all safety requirements.

Rebuilding Together

You can go to some non-profit organizations for their service that are serving the community to get the cost of walk-in showers. They can help you in other different health-related matters also.

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