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Recreational land for sale in Mississippi gets more popular every year. One type of recreational land that is getting extremely popular in Mississippi is high fence deer hunting. Not only is this becoming more popular for Mississippi deer hunting, but exotic animals as well. High fence hunting is performed in fenced-in properties that are enclosed in 8 to 10 feet retaining fence. The height of the fence depends on the state’s regulations. The main purpose of the high fence is to keep the predators out while keeping the deer in a confined and well-managed area. Since only the deer are kept in a highly protected fenced-in area, Mississippi hunters have a far better chance of obtaining a kill on these Mississippi properties.


On high fence, Mississippi hunting properties, the deer and other exotic animals have been raised in properly managed farms so that they are mature enough to be hunted. Additionally, high fence Mississippi hunting properties are used by research communities for managing and improving the deer’s genetics. However, most people prefer to use them solely for hunting.

Popularly known as high fence hunting preserves, these Mississippi recreational properties are usually spread across hundreds of acres. They receive hunting groups and individuals from Louisiana regularly that pay a fixed amount to hunt in the area. At the end of the day, high fence hunting is all about providing Mississippi hunters with better opportunities to kill a bigger trophy buck. You may also find some high fence Mississippi hunting preserves penalizing the hunters for shooting the wrong animal.

High Fence Hunting: Is It a Good Thing?

When it comes to the Mississippi hunting communities, some hunters believe that high fence hunting has been made too easy for the hunters and often argue that it’s not a fair chance for the deer or other exotic animals.

However, the proponents of high fence Mississippi hunting are of the view that it’s just as challenging as hunting out on open land mainly due to the large size of the enclosure and the terrain inside. The only difference is that High fence Mississippi hunting provides better opportunities for the quality hunt and has a good well-tended to deer and other animals.

Many Mississippi hunters also say that high fence Mississippi hunting is unethical, and it may threaten the foundation of the sport of hunting. They argue that this form of Mississippi hunting cannot be qualified as quality or real hunting, regardless of the size of the enclosure. It is also known as “canned hunting” in many communities.

Recreational Land for Sale in Mississippi: Rise in Popularity of High Fence Hunting

Much of the criticism of high fence Mississippi hunts comes from something called “fair chase.” The term Fair Chase can be defined as a situation where the deer or other animals have been given an ample opportunity to escape and are not in a disadvantaged position. On the contrary, in large Mississippi properties, enclosing hundreds or even thousands of acres, the deer are carefully managed by providing them with the natural wild condition of open pastureland or ranch land.

Mississippi high fence hunting is not illegal. In fact, these properties have been used as deer management preserves all over the state of Mississippi. So, high fence Mississippi hunting land is continuing to expand, largely driven by the rising demand for better Mississippi hunting opportunities.

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Recreational Land for Sale in Mississippi: Property Description

A slice of paradise – tracts like this one are a rare find. This beautifully rolling parcel is covered in mature hardwoods and pines. The setting is park-like in appearance, This property includes an extensive interior road system, several food plots, and frontage along Magee’s Creek, considered by many locals as the most beautiful waterway in the County. There are numerous bluff-top homes or campsites that overlook beautiful vistas. Public road frontage is estimated at 900′ +/- based on the mapping scale. The perimeter of the property also includes several small parcels that can be partitioned from the total and sold as homesites. Surrounding properties are well-maintained and compatible with value retention. There’s opportunity everywhere in this tract – call today for additional information or to schedule a viewing!