Mississippi Land Survey And Why Is It Important

Mississippi Land Survey And Why Is It Important. The most important step you should take before selling or buying recreational or any type of land is to contact an experienced professional to survey the land. This simple step can give you a lot of valuable information about the area. It can help you make an informed decision and help you gain a better understanding of the property and its real value. 

Mississippi Land Survey And Why Is It Important

So, why should you get your land surveyed by a trusted land surveyor? Here are a few things a surveyor can help you know:

• The exact dimensions and boundaries of the property

• The exact location of buildings, structures, improvements, and additions

• Any geographical constraints or slopes that could influence the use of land

• The precise locations of utilities and easements

• Ensure that the land is not in a flood plain

How do Land Surveyors work?

Surveying a piece of land means evaluating every nook and cranny of the area. The first step is to take absolutely precise measurements of the land over long distances. Nowadays, surveyors make use of advanced technologies for better accuracy and speed. Though the tools used by the surveyors depend on the specific needs of the project, the following are some of the commonly used ones. 

• Optical instruments like Theodolites to measure angles.

• Altimeters to measure slopes.

• Electronic distance measurement devices such as Total Stations also come in handy while leveling surfaces.

• GPS for highly accurate measurements

• Elevation changes are captured by 3D scanners.

• Today’s technology-savvy surveyors also utilize certain software tools to process the information obtained by multiple devices. With the help of software, surveyors can create easy-to-understand reports. 

Why Do You Need A Land Survey?

Land surveys are immensely beneficial and can help you make the most of your investment while mitigating common risks. For instance, you should have complete knowledge about the property boundaries before determining the land’s value and acreage.

Let’s take a look at some of the little-known benefits you can enjoy by getting your land surveyed by an experienced professional.

Determine Whether the Land Suits the Intended Purpose

The features and amenities available in a property are some of the most important factors when it comes to determining its use. For instance; if you’re looking to create a vineyard, then a sloped land would be a good option for you because of its natural ability to drain water.

The direction and angle to the slope also matter a lot. For example, people looking to start an orchard, need to consider whether the slope faces North or South. North facing slopes are usually preferred for growing apples in autumn. On the other hand, south-facing slopes are better for growth during the spring because of the ample amount of sunlight it can provide.

Know the Location of Structures

You can dramatically boost the value of your land by building structures such as houses, sheds, or barns at strategic locations. That said, you need to know things like the slope of the land and the locations of underground pipes to build any structure successfully. 

How to Choose a Reliable Land Surveyor?

Choosing the right land surveyor for your project can be tricky. The chosen surveyor should be able to accurately identify the exact boundaries and locations of underground pipes and electrical wires before you start building any structures on your land. Opting for a cheap and incompetent surveyor can lead to inaccurate measurements that may even result in lawsuits from the neighbors. 

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