Is it Time for New Windows?

Is it Time for New Windows? Being a homeowner has many benefits. But, it also means having maintenance responsibilities. That includes your windows.

Your windows require cleaning; repairs, and eventually, you’ll need to replace them. However, how do you know it’s time to replace your windows?

Is it Time for New Windows?

Here, are five reasons it might be time to replace your windows.

Five Reasons You May Need New Windows

1. Your windows are drafty

Have you ever felt a cold breeze coming through a window frame during winter? This sign tells you that you have a drafty window.

A correctly functioning window will considerably reduce the amount of cold air entering your home. Thus, drafty windows waste energy, increasing your energy bills.

The U.S. Department of Energy informed that heating your home represents around 45% of the average American home energy bill.

So, look for ENERGY STAR® certified windows. This program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, test, certify and label these windows according to their energy performance rating. Indeed, one of the factors this rating considers is air leakage.

Therefore, by installing ENERGY STAR-certified windows, you save money. Even you can save up to $465 per year over single-pane windows!

In this sense, Matthew Mack, sales manager at Long Windows, said:

“Older windows didn’t have the technology we have nowadays to create the angles to block out wind and draft,”

2. The windows appear “foggy” with condensation

Do you remind those foggy clouds and water streaks you have seen inside some windowpanes? That was condensation. This phenomenon occurs when warm and humid air meets a cool surface.

Heavy condensation generates stains inside the windowpanes. And there is no way to clean these stains. If the condensation persists, the moisture can create mold and damage interior walls.

ENERGY STAR windows also meet qualifications for condensation resistance factor (CRF) and condensation resistance ratings.

Condensation will be lower as the closer the interior glass temperature is to the interior room temperature

Windows with new technologies such as low-E glazing, insulating spacers, and argon gas fill minimize the absorption of exterior cold.

3. The frames are damaged, rotted, or look worn

Do your window frames are cracked or warped? If so, you need new windows.

Regardless of your windowpanes condition, a damaged frame will reduce your home’s energy efficiency. “A warped frame will likely lead to air leakage as well,” says Mack.

Besides, damaged window frames may affect functionality. They may impede the correct window opening, closing, or locking.

4. Safety Issues

A window working improperly is also a safety problem. They even may become a fire hazard. About this theme, Mack says:

“If you have a fire or emergency in your home, you need to get out. You can’t be wrestling with the window. It needs to be done in a matter of seconds.”

In these cases, you should consider a window replacement.

Also, there is a risk when a window does not shut properly. A window that slams down after opening can easily cause harm.

5. Security Issues

According to the FBI, a burglary happens about every eighteen seconds in the United States. Additionally, according to Safe Wise, nearly 30% of burglars gain access through unlocked doors or windows.

Brand new windows come with robust and strong locks. These devices make things more difficult for burglars.

“We have Quantum Stealth locks, which are patented through our manufacturer,” says Mack. “They can withstand about twice as much pressure as your average home windows.”

Are you concerned about your home security? So, you can choose some window styles with added security features such as:

  • Modern casement windows with two locking arms and a crank operator to open the pane
  • Double-hung windows with safety features that make them hard to pry open from the outside
  • High-quality window systems with strong welded frames. These window systems are practically burglar and pry-proof.

Is it time to replace your windows?

If your windows are drafty, foggy, damaged, or don’t function properly anymore, consider new modern windows for your home. Mississippi Landsource and Doug Rushing Realty are here to help guide you in getting the most for your home sale.