What is an Acrylic Tub?

What is an Acrylic Tub? If you need to replace the bathtub and want to remodel your bathroom, acrylic bathtubs are one of the most common tub options you can use. But this might raise the question that why the acrylics are being discussed and why not other bathtubs. So, let’s discuss it.

These popular acrylic tubs come in different styles, spaces, budgets, family needs, and shapes. With the stylish option, you can decorate your bathroom accordingly and always choose a functional design.

Acrylic Tub

An acrylic bathtub is made from vacuumed sheets of acrylic, reinforced with fiberglass. So, if you think about what an acrylic bathtub is made up of, then the answer is acrylic sheets with fiberglass. When they are heated and mixed with dyes, fillers, resins, stabilizers, and other chemicals to convert the mixture of materials into acrylic sheets once dried.

Usually, vacuums are used to suction the soft acrylic sheets into the shape of a mold, and it is cured and kept there until it turns into a bathtub. This is where the fiberglass layers are finished, and resins are sprayed onto the tub to laminate it to ensure its durability. Some plumbing accessories such as brackets give finishing touches before the product is packages and transported to the home. They are cost-effective, affordable, and easy to main, and all of this is increasing their value.

Benefits of an Acrylic Tub

Acrylic tubs come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They are one of the most affordable bathtub materials, and they are lightweight and can be installed and repaired without much effort.


Acrylic tubs are made from acrylics and fiberglass, which allow them to be much lighter than tubs made from other materials. This puts less stress on the bathroom floor if it is on the upper floor, and it is also easy to be installed and repaired.

Wide Variety

It comes with a lot of flexibility as it can be shaped into any kind of design and shape.  They are affordable and cheaper as it is easy to put into any shape and any person can afford it compared to other bathtubs.


Fiberglass is used to manufacture acrylic tubs, which is not so durable, but the acrylic material in the tubs eliminates most of the issues. Acrylic is non-porous, which means it will not absorb water, and it will not require any kind of frequent bathtub replacement. This thing increases the lifespan of the bathtub and creates a more durable one which not prone to cracking.


Acrylic tubs are reinforced fiberglass tubs that make the tubs flexible and the cost of the rubs. Acrylic tubs are expensive than simple fiberglass tubs, but they are also more durable then.

Comparison of Acrylic Tubs with Other Materials 

It all depends on the budget that you have when it comes to buying the tub. So below is the list of comparison of acrylic tubs with other materials.

Acrylic Tubs Vs. Fiberglass

Acrylics tubs are superior to fiberglass in many ways. The acrylic tubs counter many of the negatives of the fiberglass and add advantages to the tubs. They are more durable, less prone to breaking, have longevity, require less maintenance, and lightweight. Moreover, the color of the acrylic tubs does not change into yellow after some time of use.

Acrylic Tub Vs. Porcelain

Acrylic tubs are lightweight as compared to porcelain tubs, and they have better retention. Moreover, they are durable, affordable and not like porcelain, and they require less maintenance.

Acrylic Tubs Vs. Cast Iron

Cast Iron tubs have longer longevity and better durability than acrylic tubs, but acrylics are better when it comes to the weight of the tub. They are also affordable. Iron tubs are more expensive than acrylic tubs, and they are extremely heavy and difficult to install, usually on the first floor. For a direct comparison, acrylics tubs come at the one-third price of cast iron tubs.

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