Best Ways to Hunt a Buck During the October Lull?

The best ways to hunt a buck during the October Lull from Mississippi Landsource. There is a lull in whitetail deer season between opening day and the rut. The buck population feels the pressure of increased hunting. Therefore, many individuals are less willing to take risks than they might during this period, known as the October lull. 

During this frustrating moment, many hunters say that all the adult bucks disappear or become nocturnal. But this is not the case! They do still need to eat every day. So, as a deer hunter, what can you do?


The October lull is the time of year when whitetail deer drastically alters their diet. Mature velvet bucks had been feasting all summer on the abundant soybean crops. But now, they will focus on the acorns and woody forage.

It may appear difficult to pattern a buck since food is more dispersed successfully. But putting in a little extra time and effort and adopting a new approach is all you need. Here are a few tricks I’ve learned that have helped me bag bucks even in October’s slow hunting season.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Weather 

During the slow month of October, the weather is a factor I pay attention to the most. A powerful cold front is the most effective way to get a buck up and feed in October. Look for a noteworthy decline in the temperature prediction, preferably to the day high rather than the lows. Because of this, the buck will feel compelled to rise from his bed sooner than normal, increasing your chances of making a successful hunt.

  1. Move Your Trail Cameras

It is time for a change if all your trail cameras are pointed in the same direction. Because deer are foraging further into the forest, you will need a more advanced camera to catch them on film. So, setting up cell phone cameras close to sleeping areas is a good opportunity. Using mobile phone cameras, you may leave as little of a trace as possible and keep your smell far from your target. 

Thus, keep an eye on your cameras and only go hunting if the weather is correct or whether a buck is making regular appearances.

  1. Track Down the Acorns

I always remember my hunting buddy’s words: “In October, if you can find the acorns, you find the deer.” There is a lot of truth in it. 

During this time of year, chestnut trees and other fruit trees like apples and pears may provide abundant food to whitetail deer. Bucks may not visit agricultural areas, but it does not mean they are not still consuming a lot of food. You will witness a lot of action after you locate their new food source.

  1. Look for Scrapes.

Primary and secondary scrapes occur across the landscape in the second part of October when bucks prepare for the rut. The larger primary ones can be just what you need to complete that October tag. 

When I find an early scrape with an overhanging licking limb, I often set up a trail camera to see the animals using it. Finding the most active primary scrape in the region can be a challenge. But it is worth it because Bucks often smell checking this site and using it to mark their territory for forthcoming mating. You can use a trial-and-error method or use many trail cameras.

  1. Move Around

The ability to move about when hunting is vital in October. 

Sometimes, I go hunting in a particular area, although I know the minimal odds of finding a buck there. Indeed, my true goal is to gather some intel. So, during a lull, I like to switch gears and focus on a few different things, looking to make progress in each. This period is ideal for saddles, hand and hunt setups, or use climbing tree stands. You will have the freedom to act swiftly and quickly adjust your strategy.  

  1. Sit with Purpose and Intent

Make every hunt matter. Go into a hunt with a plan, not just hope. Thus, avoid sitting in a specific location if the wind is too strong. Whitetail deer have very delicate routines that you must respect. 

So, ambush when the conditions are favorable and you have a clear plan.

You may think it is pointless to spend time in the woods in October. However, that is a mistake. Following these tactics, I have had notable success throughout the years of hunting in October. Use these suggestions, and you will tag that monster deer before November.