What Is an Acre of Land

What is an acre of land? An acre is a term applied to Mississippi land. It is an important measurement unit in real estate. Likewise, this unit is widely used in construction, gardening, and farming. 

In the U.S., this 1 acre of Mississippi land is equal to 43,560 square feet or 4,840 square yards. This measure is analogous to speak about large areas in the international ambit.

So, an acre of land is a term that applies to the area of a land extension. This measurement is critical when buying or selling a piece of Mississippi property. Also, you may have to measure acres or feet if you are planning to landscape or during a construction project.

Where Does the Word “Acre” Come From?

The origin of the word “acre” comes from Old English and denotes the amount of land that a yoke of oxen could plow in one day. 

Today, most of us have no idea how much land an ox yoke can plow. Fortunately, the measurement is more accurate nowadays.

How Big Is An Acre?

An acre of land is a typical measurement among real estate buyers and sellers. They use it to understand the size of a lot. 

An easy way to understand an acre is that it is almost the equivalent of three-quarters of a football field or 16 tennis courts arranged in a four-by-four square.

However, when looking at large tracts of Mississippi land, it can be hard to distinguish a single acre within tens or hundreds of acres of land. Thus, to give you an idea of what that means on real Mississippi property, here are some examples of acres:

  • The baseball diamond plus the grounds of the Wrigley Field Stadium covers 2 acres.
  • The White House – including the building itself and the grounds – measure 8 acres.

Let’s review some interesting uses of an acre of land as a measuring unit. 

What Is a Commercial Acre in Real Estate?

U.S. real estate agencies created the term “commercial acre”. It has become a legal measuring unit in some U.S. states. 

To get a more accurate measuring of lots for sale, agencies deduced the area that commonly alleyways, roads, and sidewalks cover. 

Besides, agencies rounded this unit value to make the calculation easier. So, one commercial acre of land equals 36,000 square feet, 4,000 square yards, and 3,342 square meters.

Acres in the U.S. Land Surveying

The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) defines the dimensions of a township as 36 sections. Likewise, a section as an area equals one square mile, and each section consists of 640 acres.

Acres and Mississippi Real Estate

If you are a real estate seller, the lot area can make the home more attractive and help set its price. On the other hand, if you’re a homebuyer, knowing the ground size will help you avoid possible deceptions.

The area of the property defines its price and helps us find the space for our needs. Therefore, it is highly relevant to know how many acres the Mississippi property has when buying or selling a house or residential land lot.