Why it is Important to Keep your Roof Clean

Learn why it is important to keep your roof clean. Dirty roofs bring down the value of your home. Learning the high level improvements you can do to make your home sell faster is one reason Mississippi Landsource is here. Not to mention, a dirty roof can cause damage to your roof’s structural integrity. Accumulated dirt, moss, mold, or algae that grows in your driveway, valleys and on your roof can gradually weaken your shingles and lead to premature aging.

If you want to protect your investment, get rid of that dirt. The cost of a roof cleaning is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with a cleaner-looking and structurally sound roof.

Why it is Important to Keep your Roof Clean

More than Dirt

The roof of your house is the protective barrier that prevents water damage inside your walls. Over time, algae, fungus, or moss can grow on your roof in large quantities, causing it to become black and unappealing.

A black roof doesn’t look good in any neighborhood. But more than aesthetics, it can be hazardous to your family’s health. Your roof is the first line of defense against water damage. If you let fungus build up on it for too long, rainwater has fewer places to go, which will cause leaks when it doesn’t drain properly.

We all know that roofs take a beating from the elements. Roofs are exposed to sunlight, rain, hail, snow, salt, and other elements 24 hours a day for years before they need to be replaced. 

Natural rainfall is typically enough to wash off the appearance of most dirt. However, the dark stains and green areas that appear on your roof are caused by other natural elements: 

  • Algae
  • Fungus/Lichen 
  • Moss

These substances are much trickier than simple dirt and require some explanation.

The best time to treat the growth of algae, fungus and moss on your roof is when it is still in its early stages. If you wait until they have seriously damaged the roof, chances are the restoration process will be longer and more expensive.

How Can Stains Damage a Roof?

Moss can grow in patches in shaded, wet areas of the roof. Leaf mold, algae and fungus are the other culprits. They live in moisture and will thrive when not treated in time. The stains and growth patches caused by algae, fungus and moss can damage your roof through shingle deterioration and wood rot. It will also permanently discolor your shingles, causing the paint to chip away when scrubbing with a pressure washer. And when that happens, leaks can occur under your shingles. If the wood beneath the shingle itself rots, the problem spreads to other parts of the roof as well as other parts of your house too. 

Professional Cleaning

Roof cleaning is a good way to restore the look of your shingles and extend their life. A roof cleaning will maintain a beautiful appearance by keeping moss, dirt and fungus from building up on your roof. It will protect your investment, as the life of your roof depends heavily on how often it is cleaned. It takes professional training and experience to not damage your roof during the cleaning process, which is why we recommend hiring a professional contractor for this job.

The cleaning methods used will depend on the severity of the mold, moss or algae growth. For light, superficial growths professional roof washing is usually enough to restore your roof to its original condition without damaging it. This process usually involves using high pressured warm/cooled water and biodegradable detergents to wash build-up off the roof. Standard, high-pressure washers can damage your roof when you’re trying to clean it. It’s important to use special equipment that does not harm the shingles and cause them to be torn from the high pressure. 

Reputable roof cleaning companies will also use a biodegradable cleaning solution. A DIY roof cleaning project typically uses a solution of water and bleach. While that can help rid the roof of algae, it is harmful to plants and the environment. 

Preventing Future Growth

With the deck surface cleaned and stains removed, you need to create an environment that discourages regrowth.  ARMA notes the biodegradable chemical cleaner can ward off growths indefinitely if reapplied every 18 to 36 months. 

ARMA also recommends steps that can be taken to discourage moss and algae growth including:

  • Trimming tree branches
  • Clearing off existing debris that has accumulated on the roof
  • Ensuring your roof had proper airflow to avoid driving debris under shingle edges
  • Cleaning your gutters regularly

When Cleaning Is Not Enough

Having to deal with the structural damage caused by persistent algae, moss or fungus growth on your roof is incredibly stressful.  Surface algae, fungus or moss spreading like wildfire on your roof. Leading to cracks and holes that let water in through the roof.

A roof cleaning can be a great first step in removing their growth and prevent more from forming on your roof. But it can’t solve everything; sometimes you need a professional roofing contractor to replace and/or repair damaged and rotten wood and the underlayments that support it. If you find that your roof needs more than just cleaning, then it’s time to call a professional for help.  

Got algae, fungus, or moss on your roof?

A roof is an integral part of any building. Without it, the inside of your home or business will be susceptible to water damage, rot, and bug infestations.

A damaged roof can cost you plenty in repairs, not to mention the inconvenience of having to deal with leaking ceilings and living spaces that are not safe for your family.

If your roof is showing signs of damage due to unsightly moss, algae or fungus growth, call one of our experienced technicians at Long Roofing right away to schedule an appointment for a thorough cleaning.

When you find yourself trapped in the disease of having uninvited guests on your roof, contact Mississippi Landsource at 601-996-4881 or visit us online. A licensed professional will come to your home for a free, no obligation assessment to replace your old roof with a beautiful new roof with a 50-year warranty. Didn’t find what you were looking for in today’s blog, check out our sister site Louisiana Landsource and see what LA has to offer.