How Does Home Appraisal Work?

How does home appraisal work when selling your home? During spring and summer, the days are longer, the weather is helpful, and flowering landscapes boost curb appeal. Therefore, these seasons are the busiest time for buying and selling homes, according to But, before you list your home or make an offer to buy, you … Read more

Roof Top Holiday Safety Tips to Keep You Safe

Roof top holiday safety tips to keep you safe. When decorating your Mississippi home, play it safe. Whether you are a senior citizen or in your 30s you want to be safe when working on your home. When you deck the halls and trim the tree with an unqualified ladder and an untrained eye, you … Read more

Acrylic vs Steel Bathtubs

Mississippi Landsource wants You to know acrylic vs steel bathtubs whenever you are looking for a bathtub, it is essential to consider the primary material used to manufacture it. There are various materials used for bathtubs, but you will surely come across two popular materials: acrylic and steel. Since both have their own advantages and … Read more

Best Options for a Full Kitchen Remodel vs Kitchen Refinish

Best Options for a Full Kitchen Remodel vs Kitchen Refinish. Considering the cost of kitchen remodeling and its impact on the overall value of your home, most homeowners like to weigh their options before finalizing their decision. The good news is that a complete remodel is not always needed.  Here at Mississippi Landsource, our team … Read more

Top 6 Trending Kitchen Color Schemes In 2021

Top 6 Trending Kitchen Color Schemes In 2021. Thinking about renovating your kitchen? Chances are you have already started the process of color selection, even without realizing it. After all, the color of a room has a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space.  For instance, a kitchen with light and … Read more

What First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know

What First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know. Are you in the market to buy your first ever home? First of all, we would like to congratulate you on becoming a homeowner and this is an exciting experience. However, before your sign on the dotted line and make the purchase, there are a lot of things … Read more

How to Handle and Avoid Animals in Your Attic

How to Handle and Avoid Animals in Your Attic. As winter becomes colder, animals use to get closer to neighborhoods’ roofs. Inclement weather makes all sorts of critters and animals look for shelter. For them, roofs and attics are the ideal places to find refuge.  Provided with fluffy insulation, attics keep animals warm and protected … Read more