How to Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Looking Great

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Countertops are the focal point of your kitchen and deserve utmost care and attention. Besides being the most impactful surface in your kitchen, this is the place where you prepare your favorite recipes, spend some quality time with your loved ones, and serve as an extra storage space in your kitchen 

That’s why it’s vital to always keep your countertops in top shape. In absence of proper care and maintenance, your countertops will start deteriorating before you even know it. With that in mind, in this article, our kitchen experts have shared some effective tips on how to avoid damaging your countertops and keep them in pristine condition for years to come.


1. Get a Cutting Board

Cuts and scratches from sharp knives, juices from vegetables and meat, and bits of wasted food can all take a toll on your kitchen countertops. For this reason, investing in a good quality cutting board makes so much sense. Cutting boards are effective for protecting the surface of countertops from cuts, juices, and scrapes while you cut your chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, or any other items for that matter. They are made of special materials to withstand these common kitchen tasks. They provide your countertops with a solid protective layer.

2. Protect It from Spills

Spills can be a major issue for countertops made with certain materials. Some countertop materials like marble, for instance, have a porous surface that can allow the spills to seep in and cause stubborn stains, rot, or even swelling. We understand that spills are unavoidable in any kitchen especially when working on countertops. The easiest thing you can do to prevent serious damage is to wipe the spills immediately. 

3. Avoid Placing Heavy Objects

When placing a large or heavy item on your countertop, avoid placing them on the edges. Over time, this can lead to cracks and severe damage to your counters. Always place a heavy object in the center.

4. Use an Appropriate Cleaner

Cleaning your countertop with just any ordinary product, which is not recommended for your particular countertop material, can cause permanent stains. Stay away from both alkaline and acidic cleaners as they can damage the countertop material and adversely affect its lifespan. Harmful chemical-laden products as well natural acidic cleaners like lime, lemon, or vinegar can deteriorate the sealant of your countertop and make it more vulnerable to stains. 

5. Do Not Put Hot Objects on the Countertop

You might not resist the temptation of putting the hot pot directly onto your countertop. While it’s a convenient way to make the pot cool down, but the excessive heat can wreak havoc on your countertop material. Over time, this can result in permanent burn marks. A better way is to place the hot pan or pot on the inactive burner so that it can cool down safely before moving them to the dishwasher or sink. 

6. Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaning Methods

Never wipe your counters with any harsh brushing pads. Over time, it can lead to permanent scratches on the surface. Even if these scratches are not visible, they can dramatically reduce the luster and shine of your countertop. Instead, use a microfiber cloth for all types of countertops. This cloth is highly absorbent and very soft. Besides preventing scratches, using a high-quality microfiber cloth won’t leave watermarks on the surface.

7. Do Not Use Sharp Objects to Scrape the Countertop Surface

Regardless of the material of your countertop, getting stubborn stains from occasional spills are inevitable. To remove these tough stains, many homeowners scrap their countertop surface with sharp metallic objects. These objects can permanently damage your countertop in the long run. Always use a scraper or a plastic knife to scrape off stains.

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