Learn Why Your Roof Can Make or Break Selling Your Home

Mississippi Landsource wants to help you learn why your roof can make or break selling your home. 

Mississippi Landsource for decades has been your go-to for land for sale in Mississippi, but we have also always been here helping you sell your home in Mississippi. 


Do you want to sell your Mississippi home? Imagine yourself as the buyer. Could you afford to pay top dollar for where you live now if you were in the market for a house? Looking in the right Mississippi County might be a great first start for your new home. Check out some great land and homes for sale in Mississippi, Grenada County, Hinds County, Holmes County, Issaquena County, or Jasper County.

The biggest ticket items tend to be the most problematic for buyers. Many Millennials (which comprise most of today’s homebuyers) have limited budgets when buying a home. Buying a new home isn’t the right time for these buyers to make major investments. Although some buyers are happy to handle minor projects themselves, there are some repairs that today’s buyers don’t want to add to their to-do lists – and a roof replacement is at the top of that list.

Your Roof can be the #1 Deal Breaker

Potential buyers are concerned about leaky roofs, missing or damaged shingles, or improperly functioning gutters and drainage systems. It’s worth every penny to install a new roof, but they are a big investment. If the buyer brings their own roof (which is most likely the case), an inspector can help you determine its condition.

As a buyer, an inspection is a critical component of due diligence, notes Jessica Richardson, member of the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. metro area. The roof will certainly be exposed and will certainly be a deal-breaker. This can also lead to disclosure issues if left unrepaired.”

A roof is listed as the most valuable remodeling item by REALTOR Magazine. In addition, it’s highly rated among renovations that have major buyer appeal, and it’s among the most satisfying renovations for homeowners.

You Should Consider These 3 Things When Selling Your Roof

You must consider every possible aspect of the home when thinking like a buyer. Prospective buyers take into account three main factors when it comes to the roof.

Curb Appeal

Would you be seeing red, both literally and figuratively, if you were a potential buyer pulling up to your house? It’s time to say goodbye to red shingles on red bricks. We prefer complementary colors over monotones.

Your home can be given an instant facelift with dimensional asphalt shingles by installing a new roof.

There is a shingle to complement any style of home, whether you prefer a classic look or a contemporary one.

In many cases, laminate luxury shingles will resemble cedar shakes or slate, giving your home a high-end appearance that will set it apart from the competition.

Ventilation and Energy Efficiency

Your roof and home benefit greatly from a properly vented roof. Keeping your attic cool and extending the life of your shingles are its benefits. You will also enjoy a more comfortable home when your attic is cool. As energy costs rise, many buyers are considering proper ventilation to reduce energy costs.

Homebuyers are more interested in energy-efficient homes, and upgrading a home with these features can be a point of price negotiation if it has not already been done.

A new, properly vented roof system may attract buyers concerned about energy efficiency and systems in older homes.


Buying a home with a warranty is very appealing. Imagine yourself in their shoes-do you want to have to deal with unexpected repairs on a home you just purchased? Perhaps you have thought about offering a home warranty to entice buyers to look at your older home.

A faulty roof is typically not covered by a home warranty, as pre-existing conditions are rarely covered.

You will receive a warranty with your new roof system if you buy it. Most homeowners find out the hard way that roof warranties rarely cover materials.

Long Home Products, for example, offers a transferrable lifetime warranty that includes labor coverage. Imagine if you knew that you wouldn’t have to perform any maintenance on your roof for as long as you owned your house?

Are you in the process of selling your home?

Consider yourself as a buyer? That means you might benefit from a roof replacement. We can guide you with the sale of your house. Find out more about Integrity Roof System® and Matlock Roofing & Construction. Also, have you thought about a fine wood barn for your next home? Let Sunset Wood barns show you how being unconventional may be for you.

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