Selling Your Home? Your Roof can Make or Break the Deal

Selling Your Home? Your Roof can Make or Break the Deal. If you are thinking about selling your home, you need to think like a buyer instead of a seller. Through this kind of thinking, you will be able to realize what kind of things you want in your house and how you want your house to look. 

Let’s keep things simple. These days, Millennials are those people who are trying to buy most homes these days. These kinds of buyers are not interested in investing an extra amount of money right after they bought a home. Few might be okay with a little bit of investment but mostly aren’t. However, there is one thing on the list of every buyer on which they are not willing to invest and that is a roof.

Selling Your Home? Your Roof can Make or Break the Deal

The Roof Can be The Top Deal Breaker

Roofing leaks, missing or damaged shingles, or improper gutters, and drainage are all concerns to a potential buyer. New roofs will always pay you back and they are a great investment in your house. A home inspector can help you in determining whether you need a new roof or not and the condition of your roof.

If you take it from the point of view of buyers, an inspection is always necessary as it will help the buyers to have faith that the roof is in good condition. Moreover, the inspection also helps the sellers to get their roof inspected and get it changed before selling their house if it has incurred damaged. 

According to Realtor Magazine, the roofs have the greatest remodeling value. Moreover, the roof can bring all your money back to you with a 100 percent guarantee. A new roof also comes at the top of that list which gives homeowners utmost satisfaction. 

3 Things Buyers will Consider When it Comes to Your Roof

If you would start thinking like a buyer, you will take every possible element of the house into account. When it comes to the roof, three main factors play a prospective role to get the attention of the buyer.

Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of any house is the most important factor that makes the house look great. For example, if you are a buyer, you would never want to see red shingles on a red brick house because this look is out now.  Nowadays, a blend of colors is welcomed instead of a monotone look. So, a new roof with dimensional asphalt shingles can give your home the instant facelift it needs to pack a punch from the curb. 

Now you have different kinds of colors and styles for the asphalt shingles through which you can give your house the right kind of curb appeal and can attract customers. 

Double and Triple laminate luxury shingles can even look like real cedar shakes, and they can give your house a high-end look to make it stand tall in the competition.

Ventilation and Energy Efficiency

If your roof is getting the right ventilation, it will be great for your roof and your home. The ventilation helps in removing the warm air from your home in the summer season and it will keep the attic cool which also extends the life of your shingles. If the attic is cool, that means your home is also cool and comfortable. Poor ventilation can result in the loss of energy, as the appliances will have to work a lot to keep the house warm or cool. 

Moreover, buyers show more interest in such homes which are energy efficient as it will keep their bills minimum. 


Warranties are always appealing to the home buyers and even if you put yourself in the place of a buyer, you would like to have such a home whose roof has some warranty. In this case, even if you get it replaced after some time, the burden on you is not that high. Moreover, Long Roofing offers transferable lifetime warranties that cover the labor cost as well. 

Anytime you are looking to sell your Mississippi home you want the most money you can get. Let Mississippi Landsource or our long-time partner Doug Rushing Realty advise you on the best ways to make this happen.