Should I Hunt in the Same Woods Where I Live?

Mississippi Landsource has the perfect hunting land for you. Not every outdoorsman lives close to the wildlife they seek. Some’s residence is in a prime area for shooting deer and wild turkey, which has an improved success rate in recent years. So, if you’re asking yourself “should I hunt in the same woods where I live?” we can help you out.

As you step outside, are you engulfed by a mature forest that has stood the test of time. Besides the red and white oak trees, the pine trees alone reach heights of 60-70 feet. Sitting up there on the terrace would provide you with excellent vantage points for shooting deer and turkeys.


However, looking out at the mountains in the distance and seeing the huge expanse of territory beyond the backyard, are you increasingly content with your current hunting and living conditions?  

Some things that have been observed since the beginning fishing and hunting in the areas directly surrounding the house are as follows.

Topography That Varies in Height and Depth

When you step out onto our deck, you will be roughly 50 feet over the surrounding forest and just about 10 feet above the grass. If you want to go scouting, hunting, or shed hunting in the woods, you will need to do a short descent. Then, go up an old logging track for another hundred yards. 

The view from the mountaintop is spectacular. But it also brings the risk of a 50–75-foot fall onto some gnarly bluestone piles. These rocks were left behind from a quarry operation in the 1930s.

During an open season, you can find so many different hatches to fish that picking the ideal one might be a challenge. The “witching hour” begins at 7:00 p.m., as my new buddy who owns property near the stream told me. Then he gets her trusty fly rod and reel and wades into the stream, looking for whatever is hatching at night.

The Bluestone

A relevant element of the local economy, the bluestone, has fallen into disuse. This fact has left behind several abandoned quarries. 

Deer, especially whitetails, do not want to go up the loose rocks. Thus, this helps them to concentrate on spots. An issue occurs during the early season when copperheads and timber rattlesnakes are still active. Frequently, you will need to drag downed deer through rough terrains such as short cliffs or solid rock walls.

Primitive Forest

The term “mossy oak” is given new meaning in these old-growth woods. Here, the understory remains almost unchanged from one year to the next, consisting of moss-covered sheets of immaculate green covering everything, including the trees. 

Oak trees and conifers of every kind have stood here for decades. These are only two examples of the enormous variety of hardwoods and softwoods we can find here. Hanging tree stands can be difficult since the bark on these trees is often as thick and unyielding as concrete.

Beyond that, there are many tall, straight trees with no limbs until high above the ground. This feature provides fantastic hunting places with little to no trimming needed for shooting lanes. Indeed, a stand suspended at 10 feet on the cliff edges can be 50 feet above the valley floor. This stand would offer an excellent view of transit corridors and exceptional shooting angles, especially with a rifle.

Garbage Collection is Your Responsibility

In November, the only place you want to see a bear is beneath your tree stand. So, all cars’ windows must be rolled up. Besides, you must never leave food out or anything else that can attract pests that can smell it. 

You should never feed a black bear in a residential location since they can become a nuisance if they get accustomed to human food.

You are Not the Only One Who Goes Hunting Here

You may hear the howling of coyote packs all around here. Also, you need to be aware of bobcats, owls, and black bears, which may steal a fawn or rummage through your trash cans for food. Add to that rat snakes, copperheads, timber rattlesnakes, and every biting insect known in the northeast. So, you will have a royal flush of bugs and creatures around my home.

Finally, being here has placed me closer to my favorite things: a natural area abounding with species you can try your hand at gathering. The fishing and hunting are fantastic. But what you will like the most is that you don’t have to travel far to enjoy them.