Learn How to Extend the Life of Your Windows

Learn how to extend the life of your windows to help bring more money when you sell your home. At Mississippi Landsource our mission is to help you sell your home for all it’s worth or even help you buy the perfect piece of Mississippi land for sale. Let the expert real estate pros help you whether you’re buying or selling Mississippi land. Windows are a basic component of your home’s appearance and its general energy effectiveness. So it’s important to pay proper attention to them to make sure it provides you the best service and continue to do so for a long time. Following is the advice you need to follow to prolong the life of your windows.

Learn How-to-Extend-the-Life-of-Your-Windows

Learn How to Extend the Life of Your Windows: Checklist

Frequent cleaning of the inside

Regular cleaning of the windows proves very useful in the long run. And regular cleaning also keeps them cleaner and beautiful. While cleaning your windows you should also pay attention to the sidewalls, window casings, and surrounding of the windows to reduce the dust build-up around the windows. By doing this you can protect your windows from fungus, dust, moisture, and others.

Occasional cleaning of the outside

It’s also important to clean the windows from the outside as well. However, regular cleaning is not necessary but can be done occasionally to keep them clean from outside as well. It’s a bit hard to clean the windows from outside, especially the old-style single-hung windows. The easier solution to this problem is to use double-hung windows to avoid the use of a ladder.

Take a closer look when the season change 

Check the conditions of your windows closely after every season and notice the things such as the stickiness of e windows or rot, cracks if any on the windows frame, and sash of the widows. If you feel any signs of water or moisture inside double or ripple paned windows it’s a clear indication that your windows need some special attention.

Check for insects and nests

Certain insects like ladybugs, bees, and wasps can set up their nest near or around the surrounding windows. It can make your window difficult to work properly. To avoid this kind of situation remove any nest or insects you find around your window as soon as possible.

Lubricate the tracks

Good preventive measures also involve the proper lubrication of windows once a year to prevent them from sticking. Lubricate the different parts of the windows such as hinges, handles, locks, and cracks with good quality lubricates according to the recommendations. This process will keep them working properly and smoothly for almost a year.

Examine and reinforce the seals and joints

At the point when you do your periodic window assessment, ensure you are additionally taking a look at the sealant and caulks. Windows must contain the perfect measures of insulation to assist with shielding your home from the limits of both temperature and dampness.

What if I discover some damage?

If during the process of cleaning you observe some damage to your windows do not leave it as it is. Because the longer you wait for more damage it will cost. There are the following damages you should be looking for during the periodic inspection:

  • Window sticking and staying.
  • The observable draft around windows.
  • Buildup inside the window sheet.
  • Apparent cracks in the window or holes around the windows.
  • Increase in the cost of heating and cooling system

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