Home Design Styles to Make Your House a Home

At Mississippi Landsource, we make it our job to help you with home design styles to make your house a home. However, once the outside look of the home is done, it is time to tackle the design of the inside of your home.

There are different designs available in the market and it gets difficult to decide which one you want for your home. For example, you could go minimalist, purge half of your belongings, and pull out the white paint. Secondly, you can go boho, hit up the garage sales for vintage pillows and throws, and decorate with old family heirlooms. We can understand that it is tough to make up the mind to find the right kind of design for your home.

Home Design Styles to Make Your House a Home


The farmhouse style of home is a practical one. In the old days, all the houses were actually farmhouses. However, nowadays, they come with a little touch of modernity. All across the world and especially in the USA, people who run farms set their houses in these simple and practical setups. There is no fuss in it and everything is simple. Moreover, people have developed different sets of farmhouses from which one can choose easily. 

Wood, exposed brick, and other natural materials are key features of farmhouse style. Exposed beams, raw wood dining tables, and plenty of plants help in creating a no-fuss practical design that comes with earthy pallets to make your home seen as traditional instead of old-fashioned.


Modern homes come with the style launched by Scandinavian countries who are pioneers in these designs. Modern homes started appearing in the 40s and they have gained much attraction. However, they also require extra money for all this to happen. 

The style of these homes is simple; they are expansive, open, airy and has a variety of other functions.

They have big on white interiors with a splash of color, geometric shapes with sharp lines, and bold and dramatic art are present with a modern style. These homes are actually criticized for being cold and unwelcoming; however, the interiors of these homes look inviting. 


These houses are often confused with modernism and due to their shared elements, they have loose standards as compared to modernism. These homes bring ideas and styles through a combination of color and design. Despite incorporating new and old furniture and décor, contemporary home designs are overwhelmingly unified and deliberate. 

They have neutral shades with a mix of complementary colors, mixes natural and artificial light and they have a thing for natural architecture.


This is more than a design movement and they embrace the idea that less is more. This kind of style is in favor of quality instead of quantity whether it is about life or home. They are concerned about clean and open spaces instead of crowding.

Minimalist homes are often accused of lacking character and warmth and they are not like modern homes because minimalist homes are soothing and give a relaxing space experience. If there is less stuff in your home, you will have to clean less and you can have more time to entertain yourself. 

If your decoration has resistant character, and your keep belonging one item with another and avoid anything loud, you are creating a minimalist design of the home.


If there are wooden beams present in your home, show them, and if the furniture seems a little distressed put it front and center. Moreover, if you have brick behind a bookcase, show that to people.

Rustic homes have a rugged look but all are natural in it. Rustic home lovers are attracted to gravitates such as bricks and stones. They have big leather chairs, exposed stone, and brick, wood-burning fireplaces, industrial-style lighting are some of the key elements in this nature-driven style.


This style emerged in the 1960s and it is associated with eclectic design and is the opposite of minimalist. Moreover, it embraces warm pallets, vibrant colors, has multiple patterns and vintage accessories which you show off the unique personality of yours with gusto.

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