4 Home Improvement Projects you Should Leave to the Professionals

4 Home Improvement Projects you Should Leave to the Professionals. Nowadays, homeowners can find endless DIY tips. Therefore, home improvement projects seem to be easier than ever before.

According to a survey from Zillow Digs, around 75 percent of homeowners prefer to take the DIY route on home projects. However, a huge 40 percent of them end up regretting not having called a professional.

What is the reason?

Home improvement projects mean a lot of work. Also, they demand a lot of time and money, in many cases. Without mention that many projects require special skills, tools, and expertise.

So, we share with you the four home projects that you should better leave to the professionals.

  • Roofing

From many points of view, installing a new roof or upgrading an existing one is a good investment.

It will improve your home curb appeal and energy efficiency. Even you can get a better deal if you plan to resell it. Moreover, today’s warranties on certain roofs can protect for up to 50 years.

Would you like to enjoy these benefits? Well, make sure you hire a professional for your next roof replacement.

A roofing replacement is not a DIY-friendly project.

A roof is a complex structure with several layers working together to protect your home. Thus, a professional installation is crucial for your home security.

Besides, working on top of a roof is a dangerous job that only skilled and equipped experts should tackle. According to the National Safety Council, more than 6,000 Americans die each year from falls, mostly while cleaning gutters or fixing roofing.

  • Windows

Currently, you can find a wide variety of windows’ shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. So, there’s nothing better than installing new windows to improve your home’s exterior appeal quickly.

Besides, by installing new windows you can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. Homes can lose around half of their heating and cooling through windows and doors. Then, upgrading to drafty single-pane windows or single-pane aluminum sliders may be an excellent investment.

But, to obtain energy cost savings, windows have to be carefully measured and properly installed. Air leakages around windows will increase energy bills. Also, your walls can suffer water damage and mold formation. Plus, improper installation may void any warranties.

  • Siding

When replacing old siding, you improve your home looking, energy costs, and resale value.

But, without proper installation and maintenance, your siding can get damaged. It can lead to issues inside and outside of your home, including rot, moisture, termites, and damage to insulation.

Many homeowners underestimate how difficult replacing siding can be. The amount of labor it implies can be a lot for the average DIY-er. And it comes not only about the job per se. Remind that you must remove and dispose of the old siding, besides getting the permits and materials.

Also, in case of finding underlying problems when removing the siding, your DIY headaches will only increase.

  • Doors

When you renovate your home front door, you can get some significant benefits:

  • Enhance your house’s exterior look
  • Improve security
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Boost functionality and livability

Though, an incorrect installation will put you far away from these benefits. Indeed, you’ll affect the beauty and performance of your house. Air and heat will escape through gaps and even you can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Think about the following:

If your walls or your house foundation is not level, likely, your door won’t be level either. So, it will require expert hands to line it all up. Besides, an improperly installed front door may represent a serious security issue.

Give us a call before you risk a DIY fail.

As you can see, any of these home projects can quickly turn into a ruin-it-yourself project.

However, you can count on the Landsource & Rushing familys.

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