Home Exteriors Guide for Homeowners

Home Exteriors Guide for Homeowners. The home’s exterior is the first thing that is being noticed by the people when they have a first look at your home. Usually, the exterior look of the house has bricks, stucco, wood, or vinyl. However, it can become difficult for you to decide which style you should choose for the exterior of your home. 

Always remember, the side of the exterior has an extensive impact and it will even impact the structure of your home along with the maintenance budget. We have compiled a list of popular home exteriors which can help you in choosing one and get the siding replacement project going.

Home Exteriors Guide for Homeowners

Popular Home Exteriors

Wood Siding

Wood has been part of house exteriors for centuries and they are still in fashion. It gives both historic and modern which not only makes the home classic but attractive to the eyes of people. Moreover, this is one of the most demanding and high-maintenance options, which makes it expensive too.

Wood can be cut into different shapes and sizes which give you the chance to create a design that you want for your house. Basically, its naturally occurring property is the main reason for the increase in its price. There is another reason which makes the wood exteriors expensive is the installation and maintenance cost. To maintain its colour and texture, proper maintenance is required. Moreover, wood siding can also wrap, rot or fall off in sections and for that, it requires occasional cleaning.

Brick Veneer

A brick house is an answer to what classic things are! However, in the modern-day, brick houses are not brick at all and they are made up of brick veneer. They are cheaper and easier to install than the original brick structures. Moreover, for the past few decades, they have gotten the right popularity and add value to your home without the high cost of your brick.

Brick Veneer is fireproof, a great insulator, energy-efficient and they are extremely durable in all kinds of weather. However, it is cheaper than actual brick, but it is more expensive than aluminum setups and takes longer to install. 


It is a mixture of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water and it has a lot of technical perspective in its making. The Stucco comes as a great insulator, it is solid, durable, cheap to maintain, and is easy to customize according to the demand of the homeowner. Moreover, it has a good warranty life of 15 years and it is one of the popular choices of people living in the area of extreme heat.

However as it comes with a multilayer construction, it is not the cheapest kind of home exterior. It is applied, again and again, layer on layer and this increases the cost of the Stucco exteriors. Although the material needed for Stucco is cheap the labor cost that is required for it is high. 

Apart from the price and other things, Stucco is not the most eye-catching home exterior but it all depends on the climate in which you are living. Stucco is porous and consistent with rain seepage and this can cause it to break. Once it gets chipped away, it gets difficult to repair it. 

Vinyl Siding

In modern times, there is always one or more houses in the street where you can see Vinyl Siding. It is one of the most popular types of home exteriors in the country because it reduces noise pollution and increases the value of the home. Moreover, being a good insulator can help in reducing energy bills. One of the top benefits of vinyl siding is that it has a classic look and comes with good customizability features.

As it is a manufactured product, you can get it in different colours and hues. Moreover, classic horizontal siding can be crafted to mimic the popular wooden shake style. However, the good thing about this siding is that it is 300 percent more impact-resistant than any other siding.

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