Window Maintenance Guide for Homeowners

Window Maintenance Guide for Homeowners. Windows are very essential for homes and maintaining them is another very crucial task. Windows guard you against water, dust, pollen, debris, extreme temperatures, and much more. They even keep you safe from excessive noise and helps in the prevention of disturbing your peace. But to maintain them, they always require a helping hand. 

We have put together a complete checklist of window maintenance tasks for the whole year to help you to keep your windows in top condition.

Window Maintenance Guide for Homeowners

General Window Maintenance

Some window maintenance is related to specific seasonal issues; however, most of the windows need monthly maintenance because of the outside weather.

Cleaning the Windows

No matter what time of the year, month or day it is, you must clean the windows so that the dirty spots on them do not become permanent. It will always best to use some dishwasher or a non-abrasive cleaner to clean the windows. 

1. Glass Panes

This is simple if the windows look dirty, your whole house will look dirty. If you want to clean the window panes, put the non-abrasive cleaner on a cloth or paper towel and then wipe it gently both on the inside and outside. The gentle wash process will keep the Heat Mirror and Low-E Film in a good condition and it will stay like this for a good amount of time. Always avoid washing the windows with pressure as it will break the seal and the film will be ruined.

2. Casings, Caulking & Seals

Every window comes with a window casing and it is there to give the window a decorative style along with a protective layer. This is bound to the window along with the caulking and seals which need to be cleaned. If you simply keep this area clean, it will reduce the build-up of dirt along with the windows.

3. Tracks

The window runs on a track and it is always good to keep that track cleaned from all kinds of dust, grime, debris, and moisture. For this, you can use a baking soda and white vinegar solution to gently scrub the area with a cloth. 

4. Screens

Screens are another place where dirt, grime, or pollen can accumulate. This is why it is needed to clean them properly. For this, you need to pop out each screen and place it on a flat surface or driveway. Then you can apply the non-abrasive cleaner to the screen passing your cloth gently on it until it is cleaned.


The hardware side of the window is one of the essential parts which need to be cleaned and taken care of properly. Always clean the locks, clasps, the railing area of the windows to decrease wear and tear.

Inspection After Cleaning

Cleaning the windows only is not enough, you are also required to keep on inspecting them so that the dirt does not become attached to them permanently. The longer you wait to take care of a problem, the worse it often gets. 


Check the double or triple-paned windows for signs of moisture like condensation between the panes. This indicates that a seal has broken somewhere around the panes. This needs to be addressed because if it is delayed the broken seal will lower the insulating capacity of the windows. 


Rips, holes, and tears in the screen can allow dirt, pollen, water, and even bugs to enter your home. This is why it is necessary to inspect and replace the window screens on a routine basis before its gets too late you have to replace them permanently.

Hardware and Mechanics

Most windows are designed to move on a set of railing or they are designed to open and shut like a door. If the structure of the hardware is not Aluminum, it will start rusting after some years, and to avoid that, you need to clean and remove the water from the hardware and the railing area of the windows.

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