8 Tips for Selecting a Real Estate Attorney

8 Tips for Selecting a Real Estate Attorney. Closing a Mississippi real estate deal can be an intimidating experience for many people. Generally, it involves the exchange of a large sum of money, and both the seller and buyer must do a lot of work to reach the closing stage. Additionally, most Mississippi real estate contracts are packed with legal and technical terms that can be tough to understand for inexperienced homeowners and land buyers. 

This is where choosing the right Mississippi attorney can make life a lot easier for you. Apart from providing you with professional assistance for your real estate transaction, an experienced Mississippi real estate attorney can also help alleviate the stress by making sure that all your documents are in proper order. They can help you make the process of buying or selling a Mississippi home as smooth as possible. So, how to choose a good real estate attorney for you? Let’s take a look at some helpful tips.

8 Tips for Selecting a Real Estate Attorney

1. Start Your Search As Early As Possible

Finding a good attorney takes time. So, it’s recommended to start your search right at the point when you decide to buy or sell a home or your land. Otherwise, you may have to settle for an inexperienced attorney at the last moment.

2. Get In Touch With the Mississippi Bar Association

The bar association is an immensely useful resource to get the names of qualified real estate attorneys in your area. Another advantage of contacting the MS state bar is that it automatically ensures that your attorney will be properly licensed. You can simply visit the website of the bar association or call them to get a list of attorneys specializing in real estate. 

3. Ask For Recommendations 

Almost every home buyer or seller these days hire an attorney to assist them at some point during the buying or selling process. So, asking someone you know who has recently sold or bought Mississippi property can help you find a trustworthy attorney for your case with ease. Another good way is to ask a real estate agent for relevant recommendations. 

 4. Schedule Consultations with the Most Suitable Attorneys 

You can take advantage of free consultations offered by many attorneys. However, only go for those attorneys that your friends, family members or real estate agent recommends. Here, your main goal should be to get an idea about their experience in dealing with Mississippi real estate transactions. While you’re at it, try to determine whether you’re comfortable working with these attorneys. 

Don’t forget to ask important questions including their fees or if they will personally handle your case. Always remember that when you first meet the attorney, you may not receive detailed legal guidance. But, you’ll get a rough idea of the approach they will take to handle your specific case. 

5. Verify That the Attorney Is Properly Certified and Has a Good Reputation  

Contact your state bar association to get a list of best-licensed attorneys to suit your needs and budget. Here, you can also access all the information about the attorneys that have been suspended due to some disciplinary action. Every state has an up-to-date database of practicing attorneys that you can use to determine the status of any attorney before hiring them.

6. Analyze the Fee Structure

Once you’ve done consultation with the shortlisted attorneys, you should have a good idea about their fee structure and how much you have to spend if you want them to represent you in your case. It is also important to know beforehand whether your attorney charges a fixed fee or by the hour.

Furthermore, make sure to know if there’s any retainer fee that you have to pay before hiring the attorney. While it’s true that most cases are riddled with unexpected problems and expenses, an experienced attorney can give you a clear idea of the overall fee you will have to bear, without any last-minute surprises. 

7. Retaining the Real Estate Attorney

Once you’ve successfully found an ideal attorney to represent you, hire them immediately. However, to do so, either you’ll need to pay a retainer to your attorney or an agreed-upon flat fee. Attorneys deduct their hourly fee from the retainer amount as they work on your case. 

8. Cooperate With the Attorney  

It’s the responsibility of your attorney to give you the best legal advice for your particular real estate transaction. However, to enable your attorney to give their best, you should fully cooperate with them. Properly following their advice can help you achieve the best possible results.


Remember to select a trusted and experienced lawyer to represent you and one who knows how the Mississippi real estate market operates. This step can help you save a lot of time, money, and trouble in the long run. For more information on choosing the best real estate attorney for your needs, get in touch with our experts today at Doug Rushing Realty