Smart Questions to Ask Before a Window Replacement

Mississippi Landsource has some smart questions to ask before a window replacement. Window replacement and installation on your MS home require a lot of research. After all, it is a relevant and worthy home improvement project. Thus, logically, every homeowner will want that it runs efficiently. There are a lot of contractors that offer “the best” service in town. But the market is abundant with many a window replacement expert that claims to offer the same level of service. And they all want to get your attention.

However, you will invest a great deal of money here. Therefore, you should not just call any contractor to perform the project. Mississippi Landsource has many contractors you can call in Walthall County MS, Amite County MS, or any other part of MS.


Fortunately, you can research some things to narrow down your options. So, as a leading roofing contractor, we strongly recommend that you ask your windows installation contractor the following questions.

  • Your Purpose and Their Capability

The first thing they should be asking is the purpose of your project. What are you trying to achieve with your window replacement project? Is it for maximizing insulation or security? Is it for capturing the outside view or bringing natural light inside the house?

Once you have listed down your priorities, you have to communicate them to the contractors and know their specialty. Ask about the services and products they can bring to the table. Make sure that they can accomplish your plan with their expertise. Otherwise, you will have to call another company.

  • How long has been the company in business?

The contractor’s record is a crucial factor in assessing whether or not you can rely on them to get the work done. An experienced and renowned contractor will have a long history of satisfied customers and will inspire confidence. Unlikely, a company that is just starting can demonstrate reliability.

  • Do they employ their own installers? How long have they worked for that company?

It is common for contractors to outsource workers from other companies. Likewise, many Installers work for several contractors on a wide variety of projects.

Inexperienced installers may not be as trustworthy as those who have worked with the same contractor for a long time. Besides, prefer window and door replacement installers that specialize in this type of service.

  • What is the warranty on the windows your offer?

Warranty is a crucial element of any replacement window project. Some companies offer a “lifetime” warranty. But, they may be referring to the window’s lifespan. And, it may only be five years long! So, inquire about the warranty coverage of installation, hardware, and glass. You will need to know that if something goes wrong with the window.

  • Hidden Charges or Promo Packages

When it comes to home improvement, money is always a vital element. Your budget plays a vital role in accomplishing the whole project. Therefore, it’s always important to be aware of all the expenditures involved. The windows company should specify the coverage of their service.

Ask about the standard price for the materials that will be used in the window replacement. Make sure that there will be no hidden fees before you sign the contract. Also, it won’t hurt to ask if they offer any packages or discounts.

  • How Does the Window Works?

As we said before, installing new windows is a substantial investment. Hence, It is strongly advised that you thoroughly research the product before making a purchase. As a result, while looking for a new window, be sure to have your contractor explain how the window works. By obtaining this information, you will know the effect of the window on your home’s security, privacy, and ventilation. Also, you will be able to give the window proper maintenance.

  • Will we preserve the interior and exterior finishes?

Here is another important aspect to have in mind. You will need to know if it will be necessary to modify the windows’ external and interior finishes. If you have to change the old finishes, you will have the opportunity to select the best available in the market for your home. Thus, you will enhance your home’s appeal while preserving the harmony of its decor.

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