Acrylic vs Cast Iron Tubs Which is Best for my Bathroom?

Acrylic vs Cast Iron Tubs Which is Best for my Bathroom? There are two most popular bathtubs which people often buy for their homes: Acrylic and Cast Iron. Both are bought for their long-lasting qualities and luxurious ability to uplift the appearance of any bathroom. There are many features because of which both the bathtubs have gained popularity. And if you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom now or soon to help sell your home faster, this detail below can help you choose the bathtub which is best for you.

What is an Acrylic Bathtub?

Acrylic tubs are usually lightweight, which means they can be placed on any floor with ease and without extra equipment. They are made up of vacuum-formed sheets of acrylic and often reinforced with fiberglass to enhance the durability factor of the bathtubs.

Because of the material through which they are made, they are available in various designs, shapes, sizes, and even colors. Usually, they are affordable, easy to maintain, and easy to repair, which means even if they are damaged, you can get them repaired with ease.

What is a Cast Iron Bathtub?

We know all bathtubs come with different lifespans, but cast iron bathtubs stand above all with a longer lifespan and durability. They can retain heat better than any other bathtub.

This all begins with the iron ore, and the metal is melted and molded into the shape of the desired tub. The prices of these tubs are usually higher, and they often give bathrooms a high-class, vintage look while being timeless. They are heavy, and they require floor supports during their installation.

Comparing Acrylic and Cast Iron Tubs

Both the bathtubs come with advantages and disadvantages, but as a whole, these two are the best bathtubs that you can get from the market for your bathrooms. The main difference between the two, although it comes to your choice, it also depends on your budget, space, and the longevity that you want. Let’s have a look at different aspects of both these bathtubs to get a proper comparison.


The acrylic bathtubs are reinforced with fiberglass, making them more durable and resistant to cracking and chipping. The flexibility of the material enables the acrylics to get into any shape or color. However, when it comes to casting irons, the molds are fixed, which limits the design and to get a new design, the manufacturers must make a new mold. As the base of the cast iron is metal, they are usually impossible to crack.


Cast iron tubs are extremely durable, and they require seriously less maintenance than acrylic bathtubs. Usually, the acrylic bathtubs must be cleaned weekly to avoid any kind of stains or soap marks, and they must be cleaned with a soft sponge to avoid any kind of further damage. When it comes to maintenance, the cast iron bathtubs get more points.


If you are thinking of buying any bathtub by keeping the cost in mind, then acrylic bathtubs are the best option for you. The acrylic bathtubs come among the most affordable bathtubs compared to cast iron ones because they are expensive. The cast iron bathtubs are almost four times more expensive than acrylic bathtubs.

The higher cost of cast iron tubs is not only because of the material but also because of the installation cost. As the cast iron tubs require floor reinforcements, the cost increases accordingly, while acrylics are easy to install.

Heat Retention

The acrylic tubs are good insulators, so they do not absorb that much heat from the warm water, so they usually do a good job retaining heat. However, when it comes to casting irons, being a metal material, they retain heat longer than many other bathtub materials.

Which Bathtub material should I Choose?

Acrylic bathtubs are perfect for those homeowners who want to seek customization, such as different shapes and sizes, and colors. However, if you want a longer lifespan, less maintenance, then cast iron is your option.

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