How Do You Care for Your Christmas Tree?

How Do You Care for Your Christmas Tree? Choosing a stunning-looking Christmas tree for your home can be a lot of fun for everyone celebrating Christmas. If you opt for species like pine, fir, juniper, or spruce, you can make your home smell and feel like Christmas as well. This is something that’s not possible with artificial trees. 

If you’re looking for more sustainable options in any of our 82 counties in MS, a living tree is a great choice. After the holiday season ends, a live tree can be planted in the garden that will provide shade and also work as a windbreak for years to come.

How Do You Care for Your Christmas Tree?

However, you need to follow some care and safety rules with real trees. Let’s take a look at some of the helpful tips you can use to take good care of your real Christmas tree

1. Get A Fresh Cut – Before placing the tree in the tree stand, cut the tree at 1 inch or more from the bottom of the trunk. It will open up the stem and enable it to absorb more water. 

2. Choose A Location Away From Heat Sources – Keep your tree as far away from fire and heat sources as possible. These may include heaters, wood stoves, fireplaces, computer monitors, television, and heat registers, and so on. Heat sources can cause moisture loss from the trees by increasing evaporation.

3. Water correctly – After cutting off the base of the tree trunk, place it in a tree stand filled with warm water. Make sure to water it regularly and slowly so that the tree can absorb it properly. 

4. Don’t Mix Anything in The Water – According to research, the best way to water a live tree is with plain tap water. Using any kind of concoctions and additives can lead to needle loss and may even decrease its moisture levels.

5. Monitor Water Level Regularly – To prevent the freshly made cut in the stem from resealing itself, never let the water level to fall below the cut. A Christmas tree can drink up a lot of water. They can easily take over 2 gallons of water on the first day.

6. Decorate Gently – Make sure that you decorate your Christmas tree carefully and try not to hang very heavy items on its branches. Excessive weight can damage the branches. Secondly, use LED lights that are cooler than conventional incandescent lights. 

7. Provide Your Tree With Ideal Conditions – Whether you’re going to plant your Christmas tree in your yard or you want to keep it in a pot all year round, you will have to make your tree adapt gradually to your indoor environment. For instance, place it in a sheltered and unheated location for a couple of weeks before placing it in your house. Throughout this time, make sure that the roots remain damp with regular watering. 

Now, when it comes to selecting the location of the Christmas tree in your home, place it away from the warm air coming out of the vents or heaters. A location with a cooler temperature and an ample amount of natural light is ideal for a Christmas tree.

Keep in mind that a living Christmas tree has more weight than an artificial or cut tree. So, if you’re short of space in your home, choosing a small tree makes better sense. You can place a small tree at any location in your home. 

For more guidance on making your Christmas tree last longer, get in touch with our experts today at Mississippi Landsource.