Top 3 Ways a New Roof Can Boost the Value of Your Home

Top 3 Ways a New Roof Can Boost the Value of Your Home. Selling a house can be a frustrating experience for any inexperienced homeowner. You have to deal with innumerable strangers on a daily basis who scrutinize every nook and cranny of your home in the hope of finding some flaws so that they can bring the price down. When it comes to selling a property, making a good first impression is key.

That’s why experienced real estate experts always recommend inspecting your home properly before listing it for sale. This way, you can make sure that your home will make a great impression on potential buyers which will certainly help boost the chances of making a quick and profitable sale. 

Top 3 Ways a New Roof Can Boost the Value of Your Home

Importance of Pre-Sale Roof Inspections 

You must perform a thorough roof inspection with the help of professionals before you even think of inviting potential buyers to your home. Most often, homeowners who don’t maintain their roofs properly have a hard time selling their homes. The reason is your roof is one of the most visible parts of your home. Cracked or missing shingles, water stains, and other defects can all begin to show are not that hard to notice.  

No sane homeowner would want buyers to see such things when selling their home. A thorough pre-sale inspection can help you detect both subtle and serious issues that you need to fix. Then, determine if the repairs can deliver you a good return. 

Performing minor repairs like replacing a few shingles can make a world of difference in the overall value of your property. And, even replacing the entire roofing system can help you attract a lot of discerning buyers who understand the importance of a brand new roof. Even though a new roof is a significant investment, it will instantly boost the market value of your home.

1. Improved Resale Value

This one is a no-brainer. Any home with high quality, brand new roof will sell faster and at a much higher price than a home with a worn-out roofing system nearing. As per recent stats, you can expect an ROI of approximately 50–70% on replacing a roof. The return on investment also depends on the quality and type of roofing material used.

2. A Faster and Effortless Sale

Most people are not interested in buying a house where they need to spend a lot of time and money before moving in. Furthermore, an older and damaged roof will only get worse with time, further lowering the chances of making a successful sale. In most cases, homeowners are left with no option other than to replace their roofs entirely after continuously failing to sell their houses. 

3. Avoid Lowball Offers

Even if you’ve set a really cheap price for your home because of an older roof, buyers will still try to lower the price further. Once they notice the damaged or old roof, they wouldn’t listen to any clarification. However, you can easily prevent such a situation by simply installing a new roof. If your whole house is in perfect order, buyers won’t be able to find any reason for negotiating over the price. 

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