How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree? Top 8 Eco-friendly ways

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree? Top 8 Eco-friendly ways. The Christmas tree is at the core of every Christmas celebration around the world. But, if you use a real tree to celebrate this special occasion, you should think of ways to dispose of it in a safe and environmentally friendly manner after the holiday season ends. 

Fortunately, there are some good options you can use to recycle the tree instead of filling the landfills. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of these eco-friendly options from our experts.

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree? Top 8 Eco-friendly ways 

1. Make Use of Municipal Recycling Services

Get in touch with the public work department of your city to find out if they offer curbside pickup and drop-off facilities. Most cities offer tree recycling services in which they collect trees and recycle them.

2. Drop it in water

Leaving the tree in a lake or pond can provide fish with natural habitat. However, remember that most species of Christmas trees tend to decompose rather quickly. Only Cedar trees are long-lasting but they have to be anchored properly. Lastly, make sure to get permission from the concerned authorities to use a pond or lake for such a purpose.

3. Choose Live Christmas Trees

These trees are normally available in pots. And once the holiday season ends, you can transplant them directly into the landscape. If you have enough space in your garden with adequate sunlight and proper drainage, you won’t find any difficulty in planting your Christmas tree. 

Make sure to keep the tree away from the high traffic areas like driveways or walkways. Small mammals, such as native mice and chipmunks, and some bird species can make these trees their home. 

4. Use It as Firewood 

Wood from most Christmas trees works great as firewood. They have a heavy sap that makes them ideal for firewood to be used in bonfires. Since they are highly inflammable and have high levels of creosote, the firewood obtained from these trees should not be used indoors. 

5. Use Tree Ash in Your Garden

Once you’ve burned the wood, spread the ashes all over your garden. Wood ash is a rich source of potassium, lime, and several other nutrients that can boost the growth of your plants, or it can be turned into compost. Wood ash can also help keep insects at bay. 

6. Protect Your Garden plants 

The boughs and branches from your tree can be used to protect your garden plants from spring thaws and winter freezes. Simply lay them on the ground to maintain the right temperature even in the coldest months. You can also use tree limbs to create a garden edge. 

7. Restoration of Dune Vegetation and Sand Dunes 

Several beach communities all over the US have been ravaged by hurricanes and storms. Most of these beaches have relied on old Christmas trees for the restoration of dunes and for reducing beach erosion. Due to their needles, Christmas trees are highly effective for protecting vegetation and sand against storms and strong winds while also providing birds with a protective cover in the winter.  

8. Convert it into Compost or Mulch

The Christmas trees are most commonly used for making compost or mulch. Their needles and woodchips are great for keeping your garden trees moist and healthy throughout the year. Wood from these trees is packed with nutrients that can help balance the pH levels of your garden soil.

There you have it – some of the most sustainable and eco-friendly ways to recycle your old Christmas trees. For more guidance, get in touch with the leading experts for Mississippi Land for Sale – Mississippi Land Source or Doug Rushing Realty today!