Learn How Refinished Tile Floor Increases Your Homes Value

Mississippi Landsource wants you to learn how refinished tile floor increases your homes value. Learn what is needed to refinish a tile floor. If you are thinking about selling your Mississippi home, then you need to know the impactful things that will not help you sell your home faster and that will help bring you more money at the same time. 

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Learn some of the things it take to get the most from your Mississippi property

Today, we’ll show you everything you need to know about refinishing tile floors in your home. 

First, let’s look at some of the typical reasons for homeowners looking to carry out this project. Besides, we will walk you around its benefits and disadvantages.

Usually, keeping clean the tile flooring in your kitchen and bathroom is a major hassle for every homeowner! Can you remember what color your grout used to be? Surely, it has been discolored and soiled for so long!

Maybe you didn’t like the tile flooring when you bought the house. However, now it’s gotten just plain nasty!

What’s Wrong: You don’t want to spend the money on a brand-new tile floor. But, covering up the old, stained one isn’t working either.

On the other hand, DIY tile repair kits are available. But you don’t think of yourself as a very handy person…

Moreover, keep you should have in mind that cheap and fast “solutions” for refinishing tile floors don’t endure. 

What Is Tile Refinishing (Reglazing)?

Did you know that you might breathe new life into ancient tile without having to replace the entire roof? Yes, it is possible. You only must employ the tile refinishing method. Besides, when you get it done by an expert, it looks like you paid for new tiles!

Perhaps, kitchen refinishing may be a new term to you. It’s the same idea: transforming your kitchen in a fraction of the time and the cost of a full renovation.

Concrete refinishing is another example. Do you only want to replace or re-coat the worn surface layer? By refinishing it, you won’t have to have your garage concrete demolished and re-poured. Besides, the surface will seem as if it has just come out of a retail showroom.

Refinishing the Floors Offer Several Advantages

Little to no demolition: Your contractor can replace the broken tiles that he cannot salvage. But they should only be a few. All the remainder of the floor may stay in its current location. Instead, when you perform a complete replacement work, the contractor has to demolish the whole tile system and replace every tile one by one. 

Long-Term Styling Solution:

When you hire a professional contractor, they will use high-quality cleaning chemicals and restoration materials. Besides, they will utilize primer, enamel, and grout while restoring tile floors. New long-lasting tile colors, polishes, and patterns will also be available to you. 

HUGE Money Saver: 

You should expect to pay less than half the cost of a new tile floor by resurfacing an old floor. 

We may refer to Home Advisor to get some numbers.

“Tile refinishing (or reglazing) is a process that repairs cracked, worn or dull surfaces with specialized equipment and finishes. It is more affordable than replacement, costing on average $1,075 versus anywhere between $850-$3,000 to install new materials. The cost to remove tile also adds to the overall price of a full replacement. Refinishing is a long-lasting and fast solution to restoring the look of your tile.” 

Moreover, if you have glazed ceramic tile in your bathroom, the process of applying a fresh glaze is far easier. You repair cracks and address chips while the new grout is floated in. 

Repairing Tiles: Could It Be an Option?

This alternative is viable if you are a fan of the do-it-yourself movement. Still, there is no benefit to painting because it doesn’t offer significant durability. The tile will lose the sheen on the surface, and there is no similarity in terms of how long it lasts.

Professional reglazing implies using specialized equipment, primers, bonding agent, topcoats, and clear finishes. On the other hand, cheap spray enamels and roll-on epoxies will never provide good-quality results.

Refinishing Tile Floor Is a Great Cost-Effective Alternative to Full Replacement!

Refinishing tile floors in your house is a simple procedure. Moreover, you save a lot of time and money by reglazing while still getting the fresh, modern aesthetic you want.

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