Beware These Potential Deal Breakers in A Home Inspection

Beware These Potential Deal Breakers in A Home Inspection. Living in a haunted house may be a fun Halloween pastime, but it is an entirely different experience. The scenes we’re referring to aren’t paranormal or those from your favorite scary movie. This is a house that has bigger problems than you might expect.

There’s nothing worse than moving into a new Pike County Mississippi home and finding all kinds of a monster lurking around. Home inspections are crucial to the home buying process for this reason. It’s designed to help you uncover the not-so-obvious issues that may cause your investment to suffer. Keep your eyes open for any of these major issues during your home inspection to avoid a costly nightmare in the future.

Beware These Potential Deal Breakers in A Home Inspection

Purchasing a Walthall County Mississippi home requires that the standard inspections be performed although it is not required by law. A contingency clause provides you with the ability to renegotiate or back out of the deal if you find any major issues during the inspection.

Worrisome Water Damage

The damage caused by water can be devastating to a home. Besides causing mold growth, water damage can also be expensive. Furthermore, it can lead to foundation problems that endanger your home’s structural integrity. Look for any drainage problems, such as pooling water near the house or flooded yards, on the exterior. Be sure to inspect the wood around the doorframe and window frames for wood decay. Keep an eye out for peeling paint, swollen drywall, large cracks in ceilings and walls, and musty odors in the home.

Structural Sabotage

Repairing structural issues is not only expensive; they also pose a danger. Despite some settling being natural, significant shifting can indicate that your foundation wasn’t poured properly or that other structural issues have arisen. A structural problem is typically noted by cracked walls and ceilings, cracks in chimneys and external masonry, sagging floors, and jammed doors or windows.

Rundown Roof

As a roofing contractor, I suggest you proceed with caution if you notice any signs that your roof is damaged or near its end. *You should look for the following red flags before installing new architectural shingles: curling, cracked, or missing shingles; loose or rusted flashing; dark patches on the roof; mold and moss; sagging roof; and water stains.

Eerie Electrical Wiring

The flickering of lights in a movie signals the beginning of something bad. In your future home, flickering, buzzing, or dimmed lights should strike the same fear in you. The threat of fires caused by faulty electrical wiring cannot be overstated, which is why a thorough electrical inspection is necessary. Watch for burn marks or warm outlets; ungrounded receptacles; GFCI outlets not working; an odd smell coming from a breaker or fuse box, and damaged or frayed wires. The majority of insurance companies will not cover homes with knob and tube wiring unless the wiring is replaced, so you’ll have to come up with a large budget for your home purchase.

Peculiar Plumbing

Health and safety are at stake when it comes to plumbing, and there are several things to watch out for. To start with, make sure the pipes are made of the correct material. Over time, galvanized pipes in older homes corrode and cause lead to leach into your drinking water. Corrosion and failure of polybutylene (PB) pipes are also common. Keeping an eye out for leaks next can help prevent mold growth, dry rot, and structural damage to your home. Also, don’t disregard things like low water pressure or flimsy faucets; it could be an indication of a pipe clog or improperly sized pipes. If you wish to remove roots or other obstructions from the sewer lateral that prevent sewage from flowing away from your home and to the sewer main, you should have the lateral inspected.

Pernicious Pests

There’s nothing worse than unwanted guests making their home their new home, whether they are ghosts or rodents. Exterminators can deal with some pests, but they are expensive (and a nuisance as well). Termites are a more serious infestation because they affect the structural integrity of the home. Termite damage may disqualify your mortgage application in many cases. Other problematic pests include cockroaches, wasps, and carpenter ants.

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