8 Tips for Selecting a Real Estate Attorney

8 Tips for Selecting a Real Estate Attorney. Closing a Mississippi real estate deal can be an intimidating experience for many people. Generally, it involves the exchange of a large sum of money, and both the seller and buyer must do a lot of work to reach the closing stage. Additionally, most Mississippi real estate … Read more

A Guide to Land Right Of Way and Easements

A Guide to Land Right Of Way and Easements. This post along with good legal guidance can help prevent possible problems during a land purchase. A right of way is a kind of easement that can be created to allow others to travel or pass through your Mississippi land. In simpler terms, this is a … Read more

6 Advantages of Hiring A Real Estate Agent

When you opt for FSBO (for sale by owner) strategy to sell your home, you may feel that this approach will save you some money. After all, you can avoid giving commission to a Mississippi real estate agent with this approach. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Selling your home yourself is not … Read more

What Is Mississippi Heir Property

What Is Mississippi Heir Property? Heir property is a legal term used to refer to the informal transferring of land ownership. It usually occurs from one generation to another when a landowner dies without leaving a will. The descendants who receive the land are the heirs of the Mississippi landowner that died. Commonly, heirs own … Read more

What Is an Acre of Land

What is an acre of land? An acre is a term applied to Mississippi land. It is an important measurement unit in real estate. Likewise, this unit is widely used in construction, gardening, and farming.  In the U.S., this 1 acre of Mississippi land is equal to 43,560 square feet or 4,840 square yards. This … Read more

What is a Mississippi Land Title Opinion

If you are looking to buy Mississippi land, this is a common question. What is a Mississippi land title opinion? A title opinion is a legal document that describes the ownership status of land or property. Attorneys call this a delineation of the title. What this fancy word means is to outline all the owners … Read more

Land For Sale in MS

Land For Sale in MS. The ownership trail to MS land for sale can take one of many journeys. Borrowing money to purchase Mississippi land can be complex. In fact, purchasing houses for sale in Mississippi can be far more simple and easier than buying MS land for sale. One reason is Mississippi banks can … Read more

Broiler Farms and Breeder Farms 3 Key Differences

Broiler farms and breeder farms 3 key differences that can help you make a purchase decision. If you’re interested in investing in a chicken farm, it pays to gain some basic understanding of them, especially the difference between breeder and broiler farms. Southwest Mississippi and in particular Amite County, Pike County, and Lawrence County have many … Read more