mississippi-landsource.com, LLC is a rural listing website for Mississippi Real Estate Brokers to list properties for sale in any of Mississippi’s Counties. mississippi-landsource.comis part of the Your-Landsource.com network of over 55 websites owned and operated which are targeted towards buyers and sellers of land, farms, ranches, commercial, timberland and rural homes outside city areas.

In addition to the land and home listing websites,  mississippi-landsource.com has a small group of sponsors that will aid in the purchase and enjoyment of land ownership. Taylor Forestry Inc. for timber investment and management, Reeds Metals for metal barns, roofs and more, Hunt VE for electric hunting vehicles, Farm Belt Equipment Inc. for tractors and home yard equipment, State Farm and Farm Bureau for all you home and land insurance needs.

mississippi-landsource.com has the leading rural real estate companies in Mississippi and the United States as our clients including United Country, Tom Smith Land and Homes, Keller Williams, Doug Rushing Realty, Century 21, Capital Ag, American Forest Management, and many other fine Brokers and Realtors.

mississippi-landsource.com was formed in 2000 and is headquartered in McComb Mississippi

Mississippi Land Source started out when Chuck Magee decided to help people seeking land for sale in Mississippi find the perfect spot. This was back in 1993, long before the internet was popular, so Chuck had a very specific business model that looks much different than the Mississippi-Landsource.com site you see today.

At first, Mississippi Land Source stuck to its namesake and dealt only in hunting land, pasture and other types of land parcels. As customers started asking about potentially buying homes, though, we started providing listings for houses for sale in Mississippi as well. We even began focusing on home remodeling, and in 1999, Mississippi-Landsource.com was incorporated.

After incorporating, Mississippi-Landsource.com eventually grew into the largest listing platform for any type of land for sale in Mississippi. From Walthall to Amite, along with all destinations north and south, there are plenty of land listings and houses for sale in Mississippi. In addition to homes, pasture and hunting land for sale in Mississippi, you'll also find waterfront, timber, commercial and any other type of land you can possibly imagine.

Having land and houses for sale in Mississippi in Wilkinson, Lincoln, Pike County and everywhere else in the Magnolia State simply wasn't enough for Chuck Magee. After seeing how much he was able to help out fellow Mississippians with their land needs, he expanded the company and created land and houses for sale websites in every state across America.

Taking care to look out for his fellow southerners,Chuck's very first website to launch, after Mississippi-Landsource.com of course, was over in Texas. You can find it at TexasLandsource.com. If you're more interested in seeking out houses and land for sale in Mississippi, though, you're in the right place.

Take a look around, and you'll find that Mississippi-LandSource also has cabins, cottages and even camps available. Want to go duck hunting in November? You'll find beautiful properties right next to the water. Enjoy deer hunting? You'll find large expanses of hunting land. Just want a new place to call home? It's here as well.

It's not an exaggeration or overstatement to say that we literally have any piece of land or property you could ever dream of. Search the largest listing website for rural land for sale in Mississippi at Mississippi-Landsource.com